June 2019 News

College Decisions!

On May 1st over 400 students from CDI’s three partner schools joined seniors across New York City in committing to a future in higher education, during Decision Day – NYC Public Schools’ annual citywide celebration in honor of the City’s college-bound high school seniors. Our students accepted offers from over 40 two- and four-year colleges and universities – from City College to Columbia University – and received a record number of scholarships.

Manhattan Comprehensive Night & Day High School

Walid Al Maghrabi (pictured) was one of 13 students from across NYC honored by Scholarship Plus, which provides sustained financial and professional support to first-generation college students throughout their futures in higher education. Walid was sighted by the selection committee not only for overcoming adversities but also for his “phenomenal storytelling abilities and eloquence.” Walid is headed to Fordham University this summer where he’ll receive an early and intensive intro to college via Fordham’s HEOP program. Also a champion table tennis player, Walid plans to focus on the STEM fields in college and beyond.

Jean Justin Espera and Cheikh Anne received 2019 Ascend Fund Scholarships, which provide amounts from $2,500 to $20,000 to immigrant students and children of immigrants from NYC public high schools. Over 600 students apply for the scholarships on a yearly basis; the Fund selects roughly 2% of its applicant pool.

Walid Al Maghrabi


Scholarship awardees include:

Tori Douglass, Innovator Merit Scholarship – Cooper Union
Amari Morgan, Ithaca College Grant and the Flora Brown Award – Ithaca College
Iris Culver – Rhode Island School of Design (RISD)
Max Zhukov – Cal Arts
Michael Ivanov – Vaughn College

Yoselim Juarez (pictured) won an honorable mention in the Next Generation Personal Finance PAYBACK Challenge.

And congratulations to Julia Weinblatt, Vance Derisi, Sophia Tannenbaum, Aaron Brandt, Amari Morgan, Alexia Pesantes, Addis Aiello who are all recipients of The University of the State of New York’s State Education Department Scholarships.

Yoselim Juarez

The High School for Health Professions and Human Services

Jovanna Bijelic and Salimata Dansoko (pictured) were awarded 4-year Posse Scholarships and will attend Brandeis and University of Wisconsin Madison.

Salimata Dansoko and Jovanna Bijelic

Bravo to the following for receiving the HEOP (Higher Education Opportunity Program) scholarships to attend private universities:

Pamela Picon – New York University
Briana Johnson – New York University
Thierno Barry – New York University
Miriam Almonte – Clarkson University
Idsel Rosas – Fordham University
Kimberly Espinoza – Columbia University
Thraa Saleh – Cornell University

And congratulations to:

Tarena Woodly, Syracuse Student Support Services Scholarship – Syracuse University
Odalys Yascaribay, John Jay Apple Corps – John Jay College
Hrithik Biswas, Banyan Scholarship – Hobart and William Smith College
Nikkita Louis, Horatio Alger Scholarship- Long Island University
Jing Wang Ou Yang, APIA Scholarship – Skidmore College

Exploring Careers in Business

Thanks to CDI board members Jackie Krese and Sovonna Day-Goins, 30 members of our schools’ Young Women’s & Men’s Leadership Groups took part in a career exploration event on May 9th at Credit Suisse. Student teams competed in a Stock Market game where they mock traded stocks from Apple, Nike and Facebook, while experiencing simulated stock market fluctuations like stock rises, drops and company mergers.

Then, a panel of executives from a range of Credit Suisse departments spoke about their college journeys and the way they arrived at their current careers. The students were inspired by the level of engagement they received at the event. “You know you see people in suits and you think they won’t be interested, but they talked to us just like regular people and told us about their lives,” said Adele, from HPHS.

“They really encouraged students especially in our age who are still trying to figure out what we want to do,” said CAS student Jonah, about his conversation with Credit Suisse executives. Students also received a generous “Adulting Gift Package” with resources and survival tools to help navigate life after high school – everything from dorm essentials to journals for personal growth.

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