About CDI

Our Vision:

Empowering New York City Youth to Create Rewarding Futures

Our Mission:

Comprehensive Development, Inc. partners with NYC public high schools to prepare young adults, ages 14- 24, to secure a successful future for themselves and their families. Through this partnership, our students develop the capability to graduate from high school and make informed decisions on higher education and careers.

Our focus is on preparing students through individualized and intensive services to graduate from high school and go on to college or into the workforce. Students who receive CDI services graduate from high school, and get into and stay in college at higher rates than students who don’t receive our services. Our newest programs focus on job training certificate programs that give our graduates practical job skills.

Our students are determined to succeed despite the life challenges they face. The vast majority live below the poverty line, many are older, 17-21 years old, and are completing high school while juggling work and families. As a network of three schools, we have the scale to bring transformational opportunities to young people, especially when preparing them for life after high school.

Our programs provide high school students and recent graduates with college and career advising, legal, medical and housing assistance, case management, and intensive tutoring. We also continue to support our graduates during the first two critical years after high school. According to CUNY’s most recent Where Are They Now? report, students who receive CDI services average 26% higher in GPA, 15% higher in course pass rate, and 14% higher in first year college retention compared to similar students who didn’t receive services. Through our robust certificate training programs in the medical fields, the young people we serve develop the practical skills they will need to enter and sustain family-supporting careers.