Our students are motivated and eager to learn—particularly to explore career options and gain knowledge of the best ways to navigate the professional world. That’s where we need your help! Volunteers play a vital role in transforming our students’ lives. We offer many different volunteer opportunities for individuals and corporate groups, and we’ll customize the experiences for your group.

Group volunteer opportunities

Host an office tour: Our students gain tremendous knowledge when they get an opportunity to visit a company and learn about what they do.
Commitment: 2 hours, one time.

Provide an internship: Host a high school student intern at your workplace. Mentor them in your field of work. CDI staff serves as internship liaisons and case managers.
Commitment: at least one semester.

Host CDI’s annual Youth Voices Conference: Youth Voices is a half-day conference designed to give young people an opportunity to talk directly and candidly to adults – educators, policy makers and funders – about specific educational, career and life supports young people need to succeed in the 21st century.
Commitment: 4 hours. At school.

Individual volunteer opportunities

Be a career coach: Share your career path and experiences; help young people identify their skill sets and prepare a career package including a resume and reference list. CDI can arrange this with your schedule.
Commitment: 2 hours, one time. At school or at your workplace.

Be a guest speaker: Join us for an hour after school to talk and answer student questions about a subject or area that might be of interest to them— career, hobbies, travel experiences or motivational.
Commitment: 2 hours, one time. At school.

Lead a career or college readiness workshop: Help students write resumes, learn professional etiquette or build leadership skills. Use your knowledge to prepare students for success after high school.
Commitment: 2 hours, one time. At school or at your workplace.

Guide students through mock interviews: Work one-on-one or in small groups to help students practice interviewing and give them constructive feedback. We’ve prepared all the questions and feedback parameters. Volunteers make a huge impact at these “dress rehearsals” that help students feel confident when they go for the real thing.
Commitment: 2 hours, one time. At school or at your workplace.

Help students navigate a college or career fair: CDI holds 5-6 college and career fairs throughout the year, with 30-60 booths from prospective schools and employers. It can be daunting for our younger students, particularly, to know how to “work the room” and get the most out of the experience. CDI preps you and gives you questions to help guide the students.
Commitment: 2 hours, one time. At school.

Help edit students’ college essays: Remember what it was like to write your college essays? Don’t you wish you’d had a friendly coach to help you through it? Meet one-on-one with students to help shape and edit their stories. CDI provides all the resources you’ll need including a prep session.
Commitment: 2 hours, one time. At school or at your workplace.

Provide after-school homework help: Our students need help in a range of general academic subjects, from English conversation skills to basic writing and math. We are also looking for volunteers who specialize in advanced math or science. CDI staff helps volunteers with curricula, and ensure that students keep tutoring appointments.
Commitment: 1 hour, weekly. At school or at your workplace.

Provide computer literacy coaching: Our students can practically land a space capsule with their phones, but have surprisingly little computer expertise. You don’t need to be an expert! We’re looking for basic assistance with Microsoft Office Suite which will be invaluable in either college or careers. CDI staff will help you map out the material.
Commitment: Working with your schedule. At school.

Give financial literacy help: Lead a workshop for students or parents, or work one-on-one with students to give information on basic banking including checking and savings accounts, budgeting, loans, financial aid applications, and suggestions on how to save for college. Critical for our students! CDI staff will help you design appropriate-level information.
Commitment: Working with your schedule. At school or at your workplace.

Take part in a Dining Etiquette workshop with students: Volunteers help students learn basic dining etiquette and use it in the context of a networking dinner. The workshop is led by an expert and students change seating every 15 minutes to connect with as many volunteer guests as possible to practice creating conversations. Have a meal and enjoy meeting lots of interesting young people!
Commitment: Approximately 3 hours, one time. At your workplace or at a restaurant.

If you are interested in any of our volunteers opportunities, contact:

Andrée Lockwood
(212) 353-2010 x181


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