Volunteer Tutors

“It’s the best night of my week.” -Michael T. Thadathil, Volunteer Tutor

“Tutoring students at MC is one of the most rewarding experiences in my life. I feel I get more out of it than I give” -Ward Smith, Volunteer Tutor


CDI Tutors

CDI’s volunteer tutors come from all over NYC and from all backgrounds, ages and professions.  All our students need tutoring, and the experience of working with a tutor not only helps students academically, but also develops an encouraging relationship that exposes both students and tutors to different cultures and perspectives. Many of our students have recently arrived in the U.S., therefore many tutors help students with English language skills as well as help bridge cultural gaps for students transitioning into their new lives. As a tutor, you can help broaden students’ worldviews and make them aware of life’s possibilities.

Become Part of Our Tutor Community

To become a CDI volunteer, you just need to have a desire to help young adults reach their potential. You don’t need prior experience to become a tutor. We carefully match tutors to students and prepare all new tutors through a brief training program and provide on-going support. You can give as little as one hour a week, or as many as six or seven. You can work with just one student, or several. We’ll work with your schedule to find the best times for you and your student(s) to meet.  Tutoring hours are from 9:00 am to 8:30 pm Monday through Thursday and from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm on Friday during the school year. Summer hours differ. We need volunteer tutors in the following areas:

  • English, math, history, and science
  • Helping students prepare for Regent and SAT exams
  • English conversation and comprehension

If you’re interested in becoming a CDI volunteer tutor contact:

Margaret Aylward, Assistant Executive Director
Phone: 212-353-2010, x161
Email: volunteer@cdi-ny.org


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